Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow...

Wow! The Dallas area has had record breaking snowfall! Adam is so disappointed that he can't be there to make a snowman. Oh well, he did get the day off of school here and will get Monday off as well for President's day. Diane Litt (our next door neighbor in Plano), called last night to tell us it was snowing. She has pictures she will send. I hear that 49 of the 50 states have snow within their boundaries. Several of our missionaries have never seen snow. One, who is a native of Mexico and is serving in Ridgecrest, California was so excited to get to go to the Bishop, California area and experience snow for the first time in his life. I think it has since snowed in Ridgecrest.

Kindra, Neil and family in Georgia are getting lots of snow. "I moved to Georgia to avoid snow," said Kindra in exasperation. She says she will stop worrying about global warming and start worrying about a new "ice age" instead. None of her kids have snowsuits, boots, insulated gloves, etc. She was asking me how long it is safe to let the kids play in the snow with regular clothes and shoes and a winter coat. I can't remember it has been so long. Maybe some of you friends or relatives who have "real" winters can give us a clue. Brooklyn (almost 6) was very disappointed to find out there was no school this morning. She was all ready to celebrate her first Valentine school party with her Kindergarten class. She went to bed thinking school would still go on. Kindra and Neil slept in because they found out before they went to bed that the schools (and nearly everything else) would be closed. They were awakened by Brooklyn who was all dressed for school (and the Valentine party), and excited to go. Big disappointment! I don't know if they will make up the party or not. They get all of next week off for a winter break. Brooklyn (and Kindra) had even made treats for all her teacher's. Hopefully it won't snow out the party next year.