Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elder Adam Joseph Martin Receives His Call!

Adam's mission call packet arrived yesterday just as we were finishing our monthly mission staff meeting. "Get out the steamer!" exclaimed Elder Johnson who gets the mail for us. (He knew Adam had instructed us to overnight it to him unopened to Rexburg, ID where he is attending school). It was a large envelope addressed to "Elder Adam Joseph Martin" so we were pretty sure of what it was. Even though we were late heading up to Bishop, California (about four hours away) for our next meeting, Jerry (a.k.a. President Martin) and I headed over to the UPS store where we promptly sent it on its way so that Adam's eyes could be the first to gaze upon it. (Shame on all of you who believed I could not do this without peeking at it first-you know who you are). Today surrounded by several friends with some family members on the phone, Adam opened it. He is called to the Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission. He leaves on February 22, 2012 to report to the MTC in Brazil where he will begin learning Portuguese (and how to teach the gospel in that language). We are so excited for him! He will really be paying attention in the Missionary Prep and Book of Mormon classes he is taking at BYU-I. Adam's brother-in-law Brett Boren and his cousin Jason Haslam both served as missionaries in Brazil as well.