Sunday, August 22, 2010

President and Sister Martin Take a Few P-Days!

I was up much of last night with my little grandson Joshua Carroll. He is so cute. I finally ended up sleeping in the recliner holding him. I must have had more sleep than I thought because I find myself unable to sleep tonight (it's 3:15 a.m.). Yesterday we had Jenae, Brett, Ashlin, and Rachel Boren as well as Camie, Spencer, Benjamin, and Joshua Carroll visiting us. It has been so fun having them. The Boren's came on Tuesday. Camie and the boys came over Tuesday too, but went home that night. On Wednesday night the Borens went down to Orange to visit the Carrolls and go to Disney Land. They stayed there Thursday night after a long, fun day at Disney. Then both families came back up here. They had a fun Saturday planned. They took Adam to the beach with them. Then we had dinner together and the Carrolls headed back to Orange. In between we watched movies, swam at the pool, visited, played with Grandma Gemie's train and played with Princess paperdolls. I took mostly video so will have to wait to get this all posted.

Earlier this month, we had Alyssa, Ryan, Katelyn, and Marin Christensen visiting us. They left to go down to Orange on Tuesday August 11th while the ten outgoing Elders (there were no sisters), came and had lunch, dinner and a testimony meeting at the mission home before leaving the next day. We had an interesting day. An unexpected visitor showed up. A painter working on the side of the mission home discovered a rattlesnake eating a rat. The back end and tail were still hanging out the rattler's mouth. It rattled it's tail nonstop. The painter came to the door and tried to tell me what he had discovered. Because he spoke little English and "yo no ablo Espanol," I called Elder Ibarra (a native Argentine), over to translate. We called Animal control who took their sweet time arriving. They finally came and took the snake out to the wilderness. So we have one less snake and one less rat here at the mission home. We have video, which this technologically challenged author cannot share with you at this time. What really haunts me is that my three-year-old grandson Ben had run through that side yard time and again just the day before we discovered the snake. Luckily Alyssa, Ryan, and Adam had spotted one a few days before when they hiked up to the "Hollywood" sign. Jerry, the girls and I visited the set of a "Bones" TV show at the sight of the "Batman" caves. The Hollywood sign was clearly visable on the back side of caves so Katelyn can also say she saw it. Jerry returned to the set with Ryan and Alyssa while I played at a near-by park with the girls.

So this fun string of P-days have almost come to an end. President Martin has had a lot less time with the families. Adam has started school. Jenae and Brett and girls leave tomorrow (er make that today) after Sacrament meeting. It was fun while it lasted.