Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Update!

Alyssa tells me she keeps looking for new posts. I keep thinking I will post some new posts when I know how to put pictures on. I will learn in a few weeks when Jerry, Justin, and Kara come for Thanksgiving. Camie, Spencer, Benjamin and Joshua will also come over from Orange.

President Martin was asked to perform his first baptism. A young man named Alex Torres was taught in our home. He was a golden contact. He asked Adam to speak at his babtism (which he did). He was baptized about two weeks ago and confirmed last Sunday in Sacrament meeting. When I do post pictures, I will put one of President Martin and him on this site.

It goes without saying that we have been very busy. We just finished the Zone Conferences for this transfer period. A transfer is every 6 weeks. If you ask any of our missionaries they can tell you which week of the transfer we are in. (I have to ask them to know). Months do not matter any more. If you ask them how long they have been out on the mission, they will tell you in transfers. The same thing if you ask them how long they have been in an area or with a particular companion.

The flu is starting to go around down here. I am having missionaries call on a daily basis reporting fever, headache, sore throat, etc. Don't know if it is the H1N1 (Swine Flu) or just the regular flu. I tell them to stay home, but they do not obey me. They also for the most part do not even have a thermometer. We acquired the Germ Pro, hand sanitizers for the mission. This is a product that stays on the hand killing germs for three to four hours after you put it on. The alcohol sanitizers kill germs, but after the alcohol has evaporated, they don't work any more. They also dry the hands out as apposed to the Germ Pro lotion type.

The dedication and commitment of our missionaries continues to amaze me. We hear daily of the miracles that happen on the mission. We love our work here. Adam is doing great and for the most part is a happy camper!


  1. Thanks for updating Mom. If they are getting the flu, it is swine flu, fyi - seasonal flu isn't circulating yet. Love you!

  2. Thanks Alyssa. I guess I have something more to look forward to.

  3. Gemie! I just got your wonderful Christmas card and info about your family! I'm thrilled you guys are in CALIFORNIA! We go down to visit my parents often, and I would love to come and see you sometime! :D

    My favorite missionary companion lives in Stevenson Ranch up the road from you guys! She is FABULOUS!

    Sounds like everything is happiness for you guys! Keep smiling!
    xo, Kristy Smith