Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it is January 7th already! We are happy to report that Alyssa and her three children accompanied by Jerry (our son), made it safely across seven states to their new temporary home in Utah with Jenae and Brett and their two daughters. Everything is going fine with them. Ryan will be starting school soon. The cousins play together very well. Our little Marin (Alyssa's youngest) will turn 3 on Sunday.

Adam got all four wisdom teeth extracted on the 28th of December. He has done well. He was so funny. He drooled all over his shirt because he couldn't feel the water going over his chin. I have pictures but do not know how to get them from my camera to this post. I need Alyssa or Jenae to come and train me. Adam is back to eating regular food. Tonight he is playing a church basketball game. Go Adam. Camie and Ben are there to watch him. I am tending Joshua.

We are gearing up to welcome 19 new missionaries in less than a week. We are only sending one home so it will be a transfer of great growth for us. This means a lot of apartments with the capacity for four missionaries, will now have four instead of two. We will need to add only two new apartments.

Joshua just woke up. You are therefore saved from the normal novel I usually write.

Happy New Year!


  1. And Happy New Year to you! I especially like the Adam drooling story!

  2. Gemie
    It was great to get your Christmas letter and here of your mission adventures! I just can't picture Adam as a senior in high school... he is stuck in my mind at 11 or 12! This blog is so fun, I linked it to ours so we can check in every so often and see how the Martins are doing! All those missionaries are lucky to have you and Pres. Martin. It was also so neat to get Justin's wedding announcement this past how time flies. Tell your boys "hello" from the Watson's. Happy New Year to you!

    Carmen Watson